Stationery, books and fine-art prints featuring photography by Tom Barr (Ootlier)

Ootlier 1

 Ootlier issue 1: The Drymen show. Held since 1816, the Drymen show is an important annual occasion for the rural communities of Strathendrick. Cattle...
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Ootlier 2: Range

Ootlier issue 2: RangeWords and Photography by Tom BarrLandscape photography can be an odd discipline. It’s tempting for the photographer to seek out ...
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Shetland Oo

Shetland Oo: Wool, Textiles, Work.Photography by Tom Barr & words by Kate DaviesWool—or in Shetlandic, Oo—has for centuries figured centrally in i...
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