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Astragal (yarn pack)

AstragalAn astragal is a tapered, ogee shape - often used in traditional plaster work or moulding. This hat features a series of interlocking ogee sha...
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Fittygomash (yarn pack)

FittygomashFancy socks for chilly feet. For Orcadians, fittygomash is: "a kind of dance to warm cold feet by two persons facing one another and kickin...
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Pochie (yarn pack)

PochieA Scots word meaning snug, warm or cozy, this Pochie will keep your hot water bottle toasty! Sizing: To fit standard sized hot water bottle (1.8...
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Pouzle (yarn pack)

PouzleIn Scots, to pouzle is to potter about. These simple slippers (with an interesting construction that might initially seem a little pouzl-ing) ar...
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Schene (yarn pack)

ScheneA comfortable allover that's also a winter statement piece. Schene is an old Scots word for "fine".SizingFinished bust circumference: 89.5 (98, ...
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Starkin (yarn pack)

StarkinStarkin is a Scots word suggesting anything that's vital and energetic. These bold star-adorned mitts or fingerless gloves are certainly full o...
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